Gallery: Inside Kelsey Hickman’s ‘Gypsy’Album Release Party


Kelsey Hickman is celebrating the upcoming release of her debut album Gypsy! Hickman invited media (including Variety Beat) and fans to The Sutler Bar in Nashville for a night of food, drinks and music! In honor of the night The Sutler named a drink after Hickman and her album, the ‘Tipsy Gypsy’ which was enjoyed by many! Hickman performed a small set which included most of the songs from her debut album Gypsy


Hickman was a member of the Illinois-based country group Still Kickin’ which split in 2013. Since then, she set her sights on Nashville to continue her music career. Her hard work paid off as she is now able to celebrate the release of her debut album Gypsy. Tuesday night’s album release party was an intimate gathering that allowed Hickman to talk about each song, the meaning and inspiration behind them. She stared her set with “Fling Thing” then moved on to the title track “Gypsy.”


The set continued with “If You Stay,” about that one relationship everyone seems to have, when you know it needs to end but you keep going back for more. “Small Town Famous” is a song anyone from a small town can relate to.


“When All Is Said And Done” and “H.O.L.L.A.N.D” are both unique songs. “When All Is Said And Done” is about being in an abusive relationship and knowing when to get out, while “H.O.L.L.A.N.D” tells of a couple writing to each other during a war. At the bottom of every letter H.O.L.L.A.N.D was written which stood for “Hope our loved lasts and never dies.” Hickman performed her single “Gone” which is currently at country radio and finished her set with a cover of “Sweet Child Of Mine,” which had the whole crowd singing along!


Hickman showed a strong stage presence and great songwriting while performing. After her set she mingled with fans, revealing just how down-to-earth and kind she truly is. Gypsy has a wonderful mix of upbeat songs and ones that will touch your heart. The subjects of the album range from being a wanderer, small town life, timeless love stories, domestic abuse and summer flings! Her debut album is produced by Kent Wells who has worked when many of Nashville’s best! Hickman says that working with Wells;

“Has done wonders for finding my sound, my style, and my voice. I’m really looking forward to listeners hearing my first solo attempt. I think there’s something for every one on this album.”


Hickman also continues to grow as a songwriter, performer and vocalist. She attributes it to being in Nashville saying

“The wealth of talent in this town is overwhelming. I’m so fortunate to grow amongst the creatives I do.” 

Gypsy is a well-rounded album, as is Hickman. Despite this being a debut album, it’s clear from her performance that she’s a veteran! Gypsy is available for pre-order right now and is available this weekend on most Digital Retailers! Her single “Gone” is at currently playing at country radio!


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