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Go Inside Olivia Lane’s Self-Titled EP! 

Olivia Lane unleashes her self-titled Ep Friday July 29th! The EP features 7 new songs all about love, life and figuring out your place in the world!

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The EP kicks off with the song “Lighting” a song that anybody with a dream can relate to; it compares following your dream to the thunder and lighting of a storm and how someone who is driven by their dream can light up the world like a lighting storm!

“At some point every dreamer makes a choice to actively pursue their goals and along the way their will be hardships and haters but at the end of the day you just have to believe in yourself and everything else will fall into place. I wanted to write an ode to following my heart.”

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Any 20 something year old can relate to the second song “Quarter Life Crisis,” it revolves around that question every one has after they have finished college and entered the real world. The question of now what? The song sums up the life of someone in their 20’s with these lines:

21 having too much fun /22 you sure miss 21 /23 nobody likes you anyway /24 can’t drink like your college days /25 what am I going to do with my life? 

“The older I get the more I understand that life is crazy, chaotic, messy, funny and challenging but as long as you make yourself happy through all the chair, you should be OK…. It’s an honest tune about realizing that “ain’t anybody got ‘life’ figured out.””

“Make My Own Sunshine” is a song Lane refers to as her anthem! It is all about seeing the positives in life, despite what’s happening around us! It tells the story of those kind of days everyone has; when your phones dead, your running late, traffic is horrible. But like the chorus of the song says:

Hey, hey I’m okay / Hanging right here in my happy place / Living it up / Living it up / While the rain comes down / And oh no I don’t mind / I got a suitcase full of sliver lining / I know I’m gonna be just fine / I make my own sunshine

Watch the video for “Make My Own Sunshine” below!

“She Fits” is a unique look at a lost love. It’s about loving someone but realizing that it will never work in the end because both people want different lives. The song is 1 of 6 that lane co-wrote on the album, she says that “She Fits” is her most personal song on the EP because it was inspired by a relationship she had.

“I dated this guy for a while in college and we were both graduating. Naturally we were going to try to make a long distance thing work. It didn’t. I went to Nashville to pursue my dreams and he stayed. He met a girl and settled down with her and [they] FIT each other. She fit the life he wanted and I never would have. It’s a bittersweet song about lost love and being at peace with the choices made.”

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“My Heartache” is the one track on the EP that Lane did not write but she said she recorded it because it was something that she could relate to because she had been through this emotion one too many times in a breakup.

“This song isn’t about being the victim; it’s about taking ownership of your heartache and being upset that the person you once loved is trying to devalue that.”

“There’s A Guy” gives hope that the right guy is out there when you’re ready for him. Not everyone reaches the same stages of life as the same age; some settle down right after college, while others pursue a career and get married and/or have kids when they are a bit older. While others around you may be entering these stages and you have these feelings of worry, ‘Should I also be doing these thing?’ ‘Will there still be someone when I’m ready to settle down?’ The song is full of emotion but also hope that love will be there when you’re ready.

The last song on the EP, “Keychain” is an upbeat song about getting to that moment in a relationship where things start to change and the little moments add up to the exchanging of keys and leaving items at each other’s houses. It’s a great way to end an EP that talks about lost love, high emotions, fun and hope!Olivia Lane’s self-titled EP is available at most digital retailers now!

Listen to Olivia Lane’s EP Now!


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