Olivia Lane Announces Self-Titled EP! 

Olivia Lane shared some exciting news on Thursday July 7th! The Houston, Texas native is releasing a self-titled EP July 29! The project which features Lane’s current single “Make My Own Sunshine” is the 3rd EP for Lane.

“I’m over the moon excited to put out my new EP! Over the last year and a half, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible songwriters on these seven songs and I’m very proud of them, Each song is near and dear to my heart and represents exactly who I am right now in my life.”

Lane had a hand in writing 6 of the 7 songs on the album. Even though Lane is still a relative new comer she has made quite the splash with critics and fans! She is known for her positive attitude and strong vocals. She is putting both to good use! Along with gearing up to release her EP, she also started the #SunshineMovement which can be seen on her YouTube page and social media! The first video in the series featured Lane giving out free hugs to strangers, her goal with the movement is to promote happiness and positively. She encourages others to speard love and pay it forward by showing people their inner sunshine!

We had the pleasure of talking to Lane earlier this year on her tour bus in Las Vegas! 


The track listing for Olivia Lane 

1. “Lightning” (Danny Myrick, Leland Grant, Ilya Toshinskiy, Olivia Lane)

2. “Quarter Life Crisis” (Aaron Scherz, David Frasier, Olivia Lane)

3. “Make My Own Sunshine” (Jim Beavers, Ilya Toshinskiy, Olivia Lane)

4. “She Fits” (Jim Beavers, Ilya Toshinskiy, Olivia Lane)

5. “My Heartache” (Leland Grant, Ilya Toshinskiy, Shaye Smith, Tammy Hyler)

6. “There’s A Guy” (Aaron Scherz, David Frasier, Olivia Lane)

7. “Keychain” (Aaron Scherz, Bobby Hamrick, Olivia Lane)

The EP Olivia Lane, will be available for purchase on July 29th, 2016 at majority of online retailers! Check out for more details!!

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