Album Review: Brandy Clark ‘Big Day In A Small Town’ – Must Listen!

GRAMMY nominated artist, Brandy Clark is back to deliver one of the most honest albums in years with Big Day In A Small Town. Clark is known for her songwriting with hits like Miranda Lambert‘s “Mama’s Broken Heat” and Kacey Muscgraves‘ “Follow Your Arrow” and The Band Perry‘s “Better Dig Two.” With such success as a writer, she is continuing her quest to bring her songs to life.

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It creates a perfect picture of all the drama and life lessons you receive while living in a small town. One thing that sets Clark’s album apart from other artists’ is her unique writing style and her storytelling.  Country Music used to be known for it’s storytelling, but lately anything goes.


Clark has the ability to make the listener feel like they’re sitting at the local gossip spot listening to the going ons in a small town. This album is filled with a mix of sassy and gutsy songs like “Soap Opera,” “Girl Next Door,” “Daughter” and “Big Day In A Small Town.”

There are also songs about what life is really like as a grown up with “Homecoming Queen,” “Three Kids No Husband” and “Broke”. Big Day In A Small Town is not without ballads; “You Can Come Over” and “Since You’ve Gone To Heaven.”  “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven” is a beautifully written and relateable song  for anyone who has ever lost someone.

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Clark’s songs are reminiscant of what Country Music has always been at it’s core – deeply personal, honest and brave. In a world of pop country and rapping country boys, Clark is a breath of fresh air. She has the ability to transport you to another place and you can tell she’s been there. She’s lived through the heartache of being broke, losing a loved one and just simply not knowing her place. It’s safe to say with this album Clark has found her place!

Clark’s talent for songwriting really shines on this album, and she shows that she’s not afraid to let the world know what she’s feeling and thinking. Clark understands how to touch the heart of the listener which is something that takes most artists year to understand. Overall Big Day In A Small Town is a must listen to album and Clark will continue to be one to watch in the coming years.




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