Album Review: Dan + Shay’s Sophomore Album ‘Obsessed’ – Listen Now 

Dan + Shay‘s newest album Obsessed builds on the sound they became known for when they burst onto the scene in 2014. Obsessed doesn’t abandon the sound that helped the duo shoot up the charts with “19 Me & You” and has some songs that reflect a similar lyrical and tone structure as their debut album. Obsessed also shows Dan + Shay’s maturity as individuals, songwriters and as a duo.


While the beats and rythms have a familiar sound, the lyrics create vivid pictures and lasting impressions. With Obsessed, Dan + Shay take a more daring risk with ballads “From The Ground Up” and “Lipstick.”

“Lipstick” tells a story that most woman have experienced, a girl getting her nerve up for yet another date and going through the motions hoping she can get past the hurt of past relationships and hoping she won’t get hurt again. It’s not traditionally the type of song you would expect from a male duo but it’s refreshing that they are not afraid to try something different.


Overall the album does what all good sophomore albums should do, build on the foundation that was set by the first record and takes it to the next level. Obsessed is melody-filled storybook, highlighting all aspects of life and showing that Dan + Shay have continued to evolve as Country Artists.


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