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Kristy Lee Cook Releases New EP ‘All Kinds Of Crazy’ – Listen!

It’s been a long wait for new music from Kristy Lee Cook, but we have finally been blessed with an EP titled All Kinds Of Crazy! This is Cook’s first EP release with her label, Broken Bow Records and hopefully there will be a lot more to follow!


Kristy Lee Cook shared exclusively with Variety Beat, how much releasing new music means to her:

“Getting the chance to release some more music is such a great feeling. I’m so thankful to everyone at Broken Bow for believing in me and continuing to support my career.  I can’t wait to see what people think of these songs.”

All four songs are upbeat and instantly catchy. Cook co-wrote two of the songs “Everything” and the title track “All Kinds Of Crazy.”


“Everything” immediately draws you in with the catchy banjo strumming and keeps the tempo going throughout the course of the entire song. Baby tell me what you need, I’m open to anything.

“Ruined” has a chorus that will get stuck in your head and never leave. You’ll instantly be singing along If I ever lose you, what am I suppose to do? Baby I’m ruined, Baby I’m ruined. How am I suppose to kiss anybody else’s lips? Baby I’m ruined. I’m so ruined by you.

“What We Got” is perfect for those mushy couples who seem to be #RelationshipGoals. Even if you aren’t in a relationship, after listening to this song you’ll be wishing you got what they got! Everybody’s gonna want we got, Gonna wanna find a love that’s this hot. They gonna wish they had a kiss like we got, like we got. 

“All Kinds Of Crazy” is a song you’ll want to blast in the car, especially once you hit the chorus. There are some less uptempo parts of the song, but once you hit that chorus, it will get your heart racing! You’ve got my heart racing baby, it’s going all kinds of crazy. So why don’t we just roll on with this moment, baby the night is ours so let’s own it. 


Let us know what your favorite song is off the EP!

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