There Scooter Braun Goes, Playing the Victim, Again!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with what’s been happening with Taylor Swift‘s masters/sale of her former record label and the backstabbing moves done by Scott Borchett and Scooter Braun, you can catch up below.

Scooter Braun has made an “official statement” following Swift’s public pleading to be able to perform her back catalog and put out an upcoming Netflix documentary that includes her music. It’s ironic how he has chosen to speak out now because he is worried about the death threats his family has received, yet he didn’t seem to care about all the death threats Swift received on behalf of his artists, himself and his wife (who publicly blasted Swift on her instagram).

Where was Braun when his client, Kanye West was displaying a wax figure of her naked body in bed with him? When Kim Kardashian (West’s wife) was calling her a liar and a snake and thousands of people were sending threats Swift’s way. Did he care to step in then? How about when another one of his clients, Justin Bieber posted a picture with West and Braun and asked Swift “What’s Good?” Did he care about the backlash then?

So how come he only cares now that it effects him? He obviously doesn’t have Swift’s best interest at heart (despite claiming to). What’s more, he had the nerve to turn himself into a victim and Swift into a villain, that’s causing him and his family pain.

For a refresh (in case you didn’t see Swift’s original pleading and didn’t read the recap article above), Swift asked for her fans to tell Borchetta and Braun how they felt about them withholding access to her music. Now Braun says that people interpret things differently, which has seemingly caused people to turn to threats in telling them how they feel.

Braun also posted a screenshot of a DM he allegedly received that suggest someone was going to buy a gun and shoot them. It never spoke about Swift or her music. Is there a correlation? Maybe. If that person who sent the DM is coming after Braun because of this particular situation, they did nothing that Swift suggested, which was to tell them how they fell about them keeping her music from her. Not only did the message not mention Swift, it didn’t mention her music, nor did it mention their thoughts about the matter.

Swift does not normally air public grievances, she has only done so as a last resort so that others could see why things are happening the way they are happening. Why she isn’t able to perform her music, or release a documentary, etc. While she has shown emotion and stated that what they are doing is not fair, she has also shown her maturity, something both Braun and Borchetta have failed to do. Both men have put out statements to try to 1. clear their name, 2. turn themselves into a victim and 3. turn Swift into a villain.

Here is Braun’s statement:

Braun has also posted hearsay in his statement, which further discredits anything he says as sincere and exposes it for what it is; a smear campaign and to further fuel the fire for others to hate on Swift and make it seem like he is doing everything in his power to reach a resolution and she is the unwilling party.

If Braun was so interested in reaching a resolution, he’d let Swift buy back her masters. Name your price Braun, she’s waiting with her checkbook.

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