Taylor Swift Had a Secret Mural Commissoned ​​and Even the Artist Thought it was for the NFL!

Taylor Swift just surprised fans in Nashville when she showed up to a Butterfly mural she had painted! There were no clues or hints that she would show up there, however, fans began to wonder when the mural appeared to be linked to Swift. For one, it was colorful pastels, had cats included, 13 hearts and a butterfly, which fans have been theorizing means she has evolved from her snake era.

After all, Swift did wear butterflies to her first Red Carpet event of the new era when she attended the iHeartRadio awards.

The mural was created by Kelsey Montague (which automatically makes us think about Romeo & Juliet). Montague had previously created a butterfly mural in NYC that Swift herself stood in front of five years prior.

However, Montague explained that she was commissioned by ABC to create this particular mural and was told it was for the NFL Draft (also happening in Nashville on Thursday)! She thought it was strange that they requested a specific number of hearts and cats, two cats and one kitten. Which is even more curious since Swift only has two cats! The best part? When fans of Swift saw it, they immediately thought it was connected to Swift and the artist herself did not even know!

Montague told Refinery 29: It was pretty last minute. ABC said they wanted butterfly wings, stars, rainbows, hearts, cats, flowers. That was kind of the direction I had and then I just went from there.”

 Montague had no idea that Swift was officially involved until she walked up! She did say she was getting tagged in a lot of posts while she was creating it. Well with 13 hearts, pastels, cats, and flowers it’s no wonder!

Swift has another exciting announcement to make with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America tonight! She is also releasing new music tonight at midnight called “ME!” She told Roberts “I have been giving clues, but there are more clues to come!”

Speaking of clues, BFF to Swift, Selena Gomez announced the name of her new music back on December 13, 2017! She posted “You write all the thoughts some aren’t able to articulate. (ME!)” WOAH! It’s been right under our nose all this time!

Swift just revealed her new song “ME!” Featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco And a music video are dropping tonight!!

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