Taylor Swift is Dropping Her New Single “ME!” ft. Brendon Urie and Music Video Tonight!

Buckle up Swifties, it’s go time! Taylor Swift joined Robin Roberts during the NFL Draft Pick to announce that her new single “ME!” featuring Panic! at the Disco‘s Brendon Urie, will be dropping tonight along with a music video for the song!

Swift also took to her instagram story to say she will be doing a Q&A on youtube tonight for the premiere!

She also posted another video announcing the new song and video release! Check it out below! “More than anything I hope you love it, please, please love it…. I love you, bye bye.”

A special video was also shown during the GMA segment in which Swift visits the places where she first started out in Nashville, including her High School, The Blue Bird Cafe and Sony/ATV publishing. Check it out here:

She also spoke about the new song saying ME! “is about embracing your individuality and owning it…. I want one (a song) that makes you feel better about yourself.” When asked who makes Swift feel better about herself she gushed about how the fans are always there for her “My fans are amazing, I cannot believe how dedicated they are, how thoughtful, how much they care. So it makes it more fun to create music, to create music videos knowing that they’ll care about little easter eggs or clues or hints. You have no idea how fun it is to make stuff for people who care about stuff like that, so it’s the fans, they’ve always been there. It’s gotten more fun as time has passed.”

Swift will also be sitting down with Roberts tomorrow to talk more about the single, along with dropping another surprise!

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