Jenny Tolman On Gratitude and Trying Not To Have “Something To Complain About”

One of the best parts of CMA Fest, is that almost every Country Music artist out there will come around for one glorious weekend, to meet fans, perform their music and spread joy to both longtime listeners and new. Jenny Tolman didn’t have to travel far for the biggest weekend in Country Music, as she is a native Nashvillian aka a Unicorn! (She told us that is what the natives are called since there are few and far between.) With such a diverse group of people coming together to create and write songs, Tolman’s latest “Something To Complain About” is one that touches the heart.


She told Variety Beat about the inspiration behind the single, stating that a friend of hers was having difficulty getting pregnant and how she heard other moms complaining about how difficult their kids are and how they no longer have time for themselves. She said: “I wish I had something like that to complain about.” Thus giving birth to the idea for the song, which shows how grateful we should be for the things we have.

It’s all too real and I find myself, with millions of things to do, no time to work on things that need to get done (like this article and many more like it) because my daughter says “I want to cuddle with you.” How can you say no? Sometimes it’s frustrating to never accomplish much, but I think about how fast time goes and how soon will the time be here where she probably will want to just stay in her room all day and no longer be asking to play hide-and-seek or tag. When I find myself getting crabby, I think about all the parents who have lost their children to cancer or other things, and how much they would long for just one more day. It really puts things into perspective and that’s another reason why this song is so special. It isn’t limited to one specific thing but applies to so many different scenarios; friendships, family, loss of opportunities or jobs, etc. The message is also just to be grateful for the things we do have and that message is something Tolman finds herself wanting to spread to everybody she meets and who listen to her music.



Being grateful is another thing Tolman likes to touch upon, as she shares on her social media sites every Sunday, something she’s grateful for and encourages others to leave comments saying what brings them Joy. #JennysJoyJar


Talking with Tolman, we discovered she is a big fan of Dolly Parton, Gluten-free baking and she’s hoping Ellen Degeneres never scares her with ______ if she is a guest on her show! Watch our interview to find out what scares her and more!




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