Taylor Swift Reacts to Winning Her First Song of the Year CMA Award for “Better Man”

I don’t know what’s more emotional, seeing Taylor Swift win her first CMA Award for Song of the Year category for “Better Man”, or seeing her in a plaid shirt and curly hair like it’s 2008 again! The whole thing combined just hit us all right in the feels!


Just two days before her much anticipated 6th studio album, Reputation drops and she is really out there winning awards! Swift is also gearing up to perform on SNL on Saturday night!

Karlie Kloss was there to present the award and Little Big Town who recorded the song, accepted on Swift’s behalf since she couldn’t be there. The award for Song of the Year is only awarded to the Songwriter, not the artist who recorded it, so they said in their acceptance speech that they, of course, didn’t write it, and Taylor couldn’t be there tonight.

“Hey um, we didn’t write this. Um, we’re really grateful that Philip checked his email one night and that song was in that email because he doesn’t check his emails. So we wanna say thanks to Taylor Swift. She couldn’t be with us tonight. But Taylor, wherever you are, thank you for this beautiful song, for loving songs and loving Nashville.”


Swift was tuning into the show and posted a video of her reaction to winning! She turns around shocked, wearing a plaid shirt and curly hair. Safe to say we all lost it!


If there’s one thing Swift does well, it’s write amazing songs. Congratulations Taylor on your first Song of the Year CMA Award!

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