An Open Letter To Taylor Swift And Kanye West

A friend of the site wanted to submit a letter to Taylor Swift and Kanye West after their ongoing feud reemerged, alive, back from the dead. It reads:

It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if Taylor gave you approval, it doesn’t matter if she didn’t. It doesn’t matter if she’s ‘playing the victim,’ it doesn’t matter if she isn’t. It doesn’t matter if you hurt her before, it doesn’t matter if she is hurting you now. IT DOESN’T MATTER. What does matter is that the song in question; “Famous” is derogatory and mean. That is the fact. If 20 years down the road someone wrote this song about North West, we all know Kanye and Kim would be horrified. So it doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t give you permission.

Think of her parents, her parents who are watching you tear her down. Her little brother who wants to protect her but can’t possibly from this type of hurt. Think of her fans, those of us who have grown up with her and consider her an Idol of sorts.

People make mistakes. Everyone does it. It was a mistake 7 years ago for you to get drunk at an awards show and storm the stage. What isn’t a mistake is you writing a song to tear someone down, as well as the legacy that she created. She was receiving an award for her work when you insisted someone else should have received it. And she was incredibly kind about that. More kind than most people would be, including if the table was turned.

So these are the facts of the matter: People need to think of others. It doesn’t matter if she gave you permission or if she didn’t. You shouldn’t have put that song into the world.


A fan.

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