Charlie Worsham Teases New Album And Goes To Capitol Hill

It’s been 3 years since Charlie Worsham released his debut album Rubberband. Looks like the wait may be close to over! Worsham sent out a series of tweets on June 19, 2016 giving fans a little bit of news.


We were lucky enough to attend Worsham’s annual Donuts and Jam at CMAfest this year, and he spoke of a new album and even played a couple songs that may be on the upcoming album. While there is still no word of a release date, Worsham does have plans for this year. In the fall he will be heading overseas to open for country legend Kenny Rogers! Embed from Getty Images

Worsham had a busy week at Nashville’s biggest party! Thursday-Saturday night he did a late night jamboree at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop on Broadway. The event drew a large crowd and some big names! The Friday night edition of the event seen Brandy Clark and Eric Church showing up! It drew so many people that cops had to do crowd control and turn people away.


Charlie took to his twitter the next day, reaching out to some of the fans who had been turned away ensuring they would get to see the Saturday night show. He also announced a change in venue instead of one of the oldest record shops in town the Saturday night show would be in Warner Music pop up store. The Saturday night show featured guests Hunter Hayes and Kid Rock among others.  Worsham proved you didn’t need to be part of the stadium show to show fans love. He did it his own way with his late night jams and early morning donuts!

On June 23rd, Worsham was in Washingtion D.C. Meeting with different  representative and congress from his home state  of Mississippi! He is talking to them about music education! His day is being documented on the Country Music Assocation’s snapchat (cmasnaps)!

Kristian Bush joined Worsham in D.C. and the two put on quite a concert for every one!


Cover photo by: Katie Kauss

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