“Church Bells” To Be Carrie Underwood’s Next Single – Listen

I can hear the “Church Bells” ringing ringing. Carrie Underwood is no stranger to singing about a woman getting her revenge, even in the form of murder (“Two Black Cadillacs.”) Her new single, “Church Bells” tells the story of a young girl who married up and ended up being abused by her husband. The Church Bells end up being metaphorical throughout the song.


In the first part of the song, they sort of offer up redemption from her poor life and are always a sign of hope, everything’s going to be alright. In the next chorus, after being abused, she seeks refuge and strength at church and they seem to offer hope and the courage to do what she needs. Although, murder is never okay, it seems to be over looked sometimes in cases of songs with women and abuse. Somehow it gets covered up and untraceable (“Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks is another example.) After killing her husband, the church bells sort of represent hope again, that she is no longer in any danger and will be alright.

And how he died is still a mystery

But he hit a woman for the very last time

She could hear those church bells ringing, ringing

Standing there in a black dress singing, singing



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