Mary Sarah and Listeners Are Finding Themselves Post Breakup With Single “Without You.”

Country Artist, Mary Sarah was a top 5 finalist on ABC’s hit TV show The Voice. Her story starts long before her time on #TeamBlake. Mary Sarah was taken under the wing of The Oak Ridge Boys back in 2011 when she was invited to perform before their show and sang “Where the Boys Are.” They even appeared on her sophomore album along with Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and more!



Mary Sarah is back with her first single singe The Voice titled “Without You” in which she takes back the narrative of a sad lonely break-up and turns it into a way to find herself. Her voice is unique and feels like the type of Country Music we are missing on the radio right now. With pop/rock infused tracks blasting on the airwaves, it’s refreshing to hear an “old school Country” sound.

You left a mark on my heart that I never thought would go away / I cried so hard in the dark, I stained my pillow case / Mascara black, wishing you’d come back / But that was yesterday / Boy what a waste / Yeah I never thought I would / But Baby I’m all good without you


Check out the new single and our interview with her below!


Photo Credit: Katie Kauss

Variety Beat:  You’ve had quite a start in country music, dating back to 2011 when you first met The Oak Ridge Boys, How did that help you further pursue country music?

Mary Sarah: Immensely. The Oak Ridge Boys have since taken me under their wing and have opened many of doors for my career! I am beyond thankful for them. When I first worked with them, the video I got of me singing with them opened a lot of doors for my record Bridges. They’ve definitely had a huge effect in my life and career!

Variety Beat: You were on Blake Shelton’s team during the voice. What was that whole process like and what drove you to try out for the show?

Mary Sarah:  Man, the experience was incredible. I’ve found that a lot of the experiences in my life cause me to grow so much. The Voice helped me to find more of my voice! It was tough but beyond worth it. I had wanted to go on the show for about 3 years prior to being on it. For some odd reason, when I watched the show, I could just see myself doing it. But, everything has timing and when I turned 20, I had finished a lot of what I had been working on in music so it just seemed like the perfect time!


Variety Beat: What’s been one of your top favorite moments in your career so far?

Mary Sarah: Singing on the Grand Ole Opry stage for the first time!!! There is NOTHING like it!! I still get nervous/chills every time I am presented the opportunity to go back and sing. It’s definitely one of those experiences that you just remember and think, “I did it”.

Variety Beat: You have a new single “Without You” inspired by a relationship that didn’t work out, but it’s not your typical sad break up song. Can you explain the direction you took and how you hope listeners will receive it?

Mary Sarah: Of course. The direction I wanted for this song was more of a positive vibe. Yes, breakups can be very hard but I’ve learned that in life, you should always strive to see the positives. It’s hard but you have to make an effort and when the writers and I got together to write “Without You,” we didn’t want it to be a bitter break up song but a “I’m Better” breakup song. That, finding yourself again can be such a positive experience! I hope that’s what people take from it.

Variety Beat: What’s something you want new listeners to know about you?

Mary Sarah: I am a real person. I am not perfect, and I hope everyone see’s that! I hope that when people listen to my music or read an article about me that they feel they can connect on a friendship level. I also hope to be an example that shows people that it IS okay to be imperfect and still do what you love!! So, I always like to say that I am perfectly imperfect! <3

You can get “Without You” on itunes for .69 cents. Go buy it and support a great artist! Click to buy.

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