Stephanie Quayle Releases “Drinking With Dolly” Lyric Video – Watch!

Stephanie Quayle who we had the pleasure of talking to at CMAfest just released her lyric video for her single “Drinking With Dolly!” The lyric video shows a scene that is common these days, a young woman listening to country music from decades before her birth, wishing she had been around for it to hang out with the legendary woman of country.

I’d go drinking with Dolly After the Opry Pour one for Tammy too Put on my rhinestones Paint up my nails Kick up my dancing shoes Hey there Loretta Put a quarter in the jukebox / We’ll sing along with you And talk about men Cuz that’s what women do 


The song itself is very solid, and a great throwback to the past and pays tribute to the  ladies of Country Music. The women that made it possible for Quayle and others like her to  make it in country music. “Drinking With Dolly” does well in merging the older country music with the new, which makes the song appealing for listeners of all ages.

Another exciting thing happening for Quayle is that she is in the top 5 of  Macy’s Rising Star contest! The winner will get to perform at the 2016  Iheart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas! You can vote 2 ways: Vote directly on the website at  or  Vote on Twitter with a tweet that includes both  #StephanieQuayle & #RisingStar!




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