VB Interviews Stephanie Quayle: Talks “Drinking With Dolly” (Parton), Women Of Country Music & Being A Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star!

It was pretty amazing to be able to sit down and chat with the beautiful and talented Stephanie Quayle as she excitedly gushed about her single “Drinking With Dolly.” Of course, Dolly here being the one and only Dolly Parton. The single pays tribute to the great females of Country Music including as well, Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn.


Women have previously had such a strong and important role in Country Music and hopefully with more songs like this, there will be a comeback and more of a welcome to Country Radio.


Parton herself has caught wind of the song and loves it! There is an official lyric video coming soon and hopefully a music video as well!

Quayle is currently in the running to be Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star! At the time of the interview she was included in the top 25 and now results have come back and she is in the top 5! An incredible honor, thanks to the passion and voting of the fans! Keep voting for her at iheart.com up to 50x a day and you can also vote via twitter by using the hashtags #StephanieQuayle #RisingStar.


Check out our interview below!





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