Mallary Hope And Ryan Dokke Reveal Gender Of Their Second Baby!

Huge congrats to Curb Recording Artist Mallary Hope and Curb Records VP Of Promotions Ryan Dokke on their expanding family! The couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Scarlett   in January 2015. After suffering two miscarriages, the couple is happy to announced they have a healthy baby on their hands.


It was a wild Monday as fans and friends watched it all unfold on social media. It started early in the day with a teaser picture of Scarlett holding a sign saying “It’s a Girl” from a baby shower they went to. The couple hadn’t yet found out and said they would be in a few hours!


Another picture of Scarlett showed her choosing an animal that would later have the recorded heartbeat of her future brother or sister!

Hope then posted a picture an hour later, showing her getting the ultrasound done!


It was a few more hours until the next update where the whole family posed with pictures of the baby girl or boy?! We still didn’t know, but were teased with the knowledge of gender reveal pictures in the works.


Then in a series of intense posts that had everyone constantly refreshing their pages, Hope posted a series of gender reveal pictures.


Then some obvious photoshop had blurred out part of the reveal! COME ON, WE ARE ALL DYING HERE!


Then the big reveal finally happened!


Scarlett will soon have a new best friend, and someone to pass along her stylish wardrobe to! Congrats to the happy family!!

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