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A New Song From The Taylor Swift ‘Red Era’ is on its​ Way!

If Red is your favorite Taylor Swift album, then you are really going to love this news! A song Swift wrote for Red is being released on April 20 before the release of the new Sugarland album. Swift is featured on the song as well!

Not only is it the only feature on their Bigger album, but it’s also the only song the duo didn’t write together! It’s their first album in 8 years!


The song is called “Babe” and was written by Swift and Train‘s Pat Monahan back in 2012. The song ultimately didn’t make it onto the album or the deluxe version. Pat told ABC News back in 2013:

“It’s a song called ‘Babe’ so it’s her song; I was just lucky enough to be a part of it with her, and I’m gonna ask the same of her in the future. She’s very talented, she’s a no-nonsense young kid. Y’know, she’s, like, a serious thing. I’m not going through different relationships and breakups and all the stuff that young people do, so her perspective is very fresh. And I think that that’s what I admire the most [about her].”

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Red is definitely one of the most emotional albums Swift has written that includes ballad and fan favorite “All Too Well.” It will be interesting to see if Babe is a song in the “breakup” stage or the “in love” stage. Since most of Red was about Swift’s past relationships, it’s possible it could be a happier song that just didn’t fit the album. Or maybe, it’s another emotional ballad that would have just made the album seem too sad. Either way, we can’t wait to hear it, it’s bound to be a single, and maybe Swift will invite Sugarland out on tour so they can all perform it together!

Pat also joined Swift on her Red Tour and they performed his song “Drive By”


4 Years Ago Today, Taylor Swift Released Her 4th Studio Album, ‘Red.’

It’s hard to believe that Taylor Swift‘s 4th studio album, Red has been out for four years! It’s even harder to believe we don’t have a 6th studio album… but more on that another time!


Red was the last album Swift released as a Country Artist and it was the highest first week sales in Country Album history!  It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, giving Swift her third consecutive chart topper in the US. Its first week sales of 1.21 million was the third biggest debut in history for a female artist and became the fastest-selling album in over a decade.

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Red gave us some of the best songs ever written and earned Swift two GRAMMY nominations. Not to mention, the best GRAMMY performance of all time.

Red has sold over 6 million copies worldwide. It also contained a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Gary Lightbody. Swift has only collaborated one other time, on her sophomore album, Fearless with Colbie Caillat.

Swift will be performing her only concert of 2016 today in Austin Texas! She will be performing some songs off Red, for sure “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and more than likely “I Knew You Were Trouble.”


What other songs would you like to see her perform? Stay tuned to see what she ends up playing!

Taylor Swift Performs “This Is What You Came For” for the First Time!

On the 4 year anniversary of Taylor Swift‘s 4th studio album, Red – we have been blessed with so much promise! Swift is performing her only concert of 2016 tonight at Formula 1 and she has been sharing video clips in preparation for the big day!!

Thanks to this video clip, we have a good feeling she will be performing “Fifteen,”off her sophomore album, Fearless.


She will also be performing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” off Red as she posted another band rehearsal clip!


What’s more, she also will be performing her beloved hit “You Belong With Me.”


If that’s not enough, we have confirmation that Swift will be performing the song she wrote for Calvin Harris, “This Is What You Came For.” It will be the first time she has ever performed the song!


A fan who is camped outside the track for the show, captured this video footage! We are so excited for a live performance!!!

Even though Swift has been battling a cold, we know she will sound amazing! Please let her sleep Meredith!!