Marye Amanda Releases Wedding Song “To Be With You”

Marye Amanda is not only a singer, songwriter and musician; she is also a Political Science major at East Carolina University. When she isn’t studying or writing songs, she hosts a songwriter series for her University’s radio station. She began singing at the age of three and started writing songs at the age of 10. Now at University, she finds time to co-write with other songwriters via skype. She has also traveled to Nashville and been able to perform at the historic Blue Bird Cafe where singer/songwriter Taylor Swift was discovered.

Marye Amanda has built up a following on her social channels where she releases original songs and cover songs to reach new listeners. Now, she has just released a new song “To Be With You” available now! She told Variety Beat how special this song is to her:

“I am really excited to release my single “To Be With You.” I wrote this song with Jhett Wilder, and it is one of my favorite songs that I have written. It’s very different from other songs I have written because it is a wedding song. I recorded it back in July, and I had it mastered in August. I am thrilled to share this single with everyone.”

She sings dreamily on the song about meeting the one she would spend the rest of her life with:

“I didn’t know from the time I first saw you

That you’d be the one I’d pledge my whole life to

But it came to me

That you’re the one for me


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