Leona Lewis Scores New Collaboration on Songland

Leona Lewis stopped by Songland this week in search of her next hit.

Leona says she’s a fan of highly emotive songs so she’s looking for something she can connect with lyrically. She meets four undiscovered songwriters: Olivia Lane, Rozee, Rafferty, and Annabel Lee.

First up is Olivia Lane with “Perfect Skin,” a song she wrote after taking a confidence hit. Leona and producers, Shane McAnally; Ryan Tedder; and Ester Dean agree that the song is both important and empowering and has a knockout chorus. However, Leona is concerned with how she will tailor the song to be more applicable to her as an artist.

Next, Rozee shares her song, “Fighting For Us.” Leona and the producers like the chord progression and feel that the song would make an insane collaboration. At the same time, they suggest playing with the song’s rhyme scheme, so as to surprise the ear more.

Third, Rafferty pitches his song, “A Heart Full of Love.” Leona and the producers praise Rafferty for being vulnerable but encourage him to keep his song personal rather than switch between personal and grandiose.

Finally, Annabel Lee performs “Ugliest Love.” Leona and the producers dig the song’s title and concept but feel that the picture the song paints is vague.

Having heard all four songs, Leona has to choose who will advance to the studio round. She selects Olivia, Rozee, and Rafferty.

During the studio round, Olivia teams up with Ester to create a powerhouse vocal for Leona to soar on, Rafferty and Shane play with lyrics, and Ryan and Rozee turn her song into a collaboration with Spanish and rap influences.

After working with the producers, it’s time for Olivia, Rozee, and Rafferty to share how they’ve tweaked their songs and perform for Leona.

Olivia leads the pack with a more up-tempo EDM version of “Perfect Skin.” At the conclusion of the performance, Leona says that she loves the message of the lyrics and would pair the song with a campaign aimed at young girls.

Next, Rozee sings the new version of her song, which has been renamed to “Solo Quiero (Somebody To Love).” Leona thinks Rozee has really freshened up the song with her changes and has made it fun and unexpected.

Finally, Rafferty performs his song, which is now called “When You Fall In Love.” Leona likes the melody changes and says that Rafferty is a superstar.

With each of the songs having been refined, Leona now has to decide which one she’ll record. She chooses Rozee’s song, “Solo Quiero.”

Watch Leona sing “Solo Quiero” with Cali Y El Dandee and Juan Magán on YouTube.

Next week, Charlie Puth visits Songland.

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