Old Dominion Teams Up with Jeep to Find their Next Hit

On this week’s episode of Songland, country group Old Dominion sought their next hit, which is to be featured in a Jeep commercial.

They meet four undiscovered songwriters: Katelyn Tarver, Jacobi.E, Maci, and Jake Scott.

First up is Katelyn Tarver with “Young.” Old Dominion and producers, Ester Dean, Shane McAnally, and Ryan Tedder love the simple, beautiful statement of the lyrics, “I just wanna be young forever with you.” In terms of feedback, the guys of Old Dominion want to play with the verses so they’ll feel less feminine and more applicable to them and to the Jeep commercial.

Next, Jacobi.E pitches his song, “Westside.” Old Dominion and the producers praise the cool melody nuggets within the song, but feel the production needs to be stripped a little.

Third is Maci with “Take A Ride.” Old Dominion and the producers feel that the song showcases a strong sense of adventure, which would make it perfect for Jeep. They also discuss a few minor word changes to strengthen the lyrics.

Finally, Jake Scott shares his song, “Is This Love.” Old Dominion and the producers like the rhyme scheme in the song, but feel the sentiment is “too bright” and needs to be a bit darker in order to work for the group.

Having heard all four songs, Old Dominion must choose which songwriters will advance to the studio round. They select Jacobi.E, Jake Scott, and Katelyn Tarver.

During the studio round, Jacobi.E teams up with Ryan, Katelyn teams up with Shane, and Jake teams up with Ester to refine each of their songs in preparation for the performance round.

When the performance round arrives, Katelyn is first with “Young.” She has brought in a male singer to give Old Dominion a better sense of what the song will sound like coming from their perspective. Olivier Francois, a representative from Jeep, is also present. At the conclusion of the performance, Olivier says that the song really captures what it is to be young at heart. The guys of Old Dominion and the producers agree that the song is special.

Next, Jacobi.E performs his song, whose title has been changed to “Where The Road Ends.” Old Dominion and the producers can hear the song being played on the Jeep commercial and the radio. Olivier from Jeep praises the song’s imagery and says it’s a hit.

Finally, Jake Scott shares his song, which has been re-named “Journey.” Old Dominion and the producers feel that it’s a completely different song and praise many of the lyrical changes Jake has made. Olivier from Jeep says the song isn’t a song at all, but rather pure poetry.

Having heard the new versions of each of the songs, Old Dominion and Olivier from Jeep must decide which will work best for the commercial. After a brief deliberation, they choose Katelyn’s song, “Young.”

On next week’s episode of Songland, Leona Lewis appears as the artist on deck.

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