Need Help Buying Taylor Swift’s New Album? She’s Got You Covered.

Capital One is known for getting big time celebrities to promote their credit cards and asking viewers, “what’s in your wallet?” For their new ad, they enlisted Pop Sensation, Taylor Swift to start a new wave of marketing.

Words aren’t always needed to provoke emotion. Sometimes just watching a scene play out can evoke heartbreak, laughter, anger or joy. In this commercial, Swift does not even speak and it is still one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. It’s witty, funny and light hearted, plus now I know how I’m going to afford all those concert tickets next tour.


The commercial showcases Swift taking a stab at waitressing, bar tending and offering up a milkshake at a diner. She winks at her customers (who notice who she is), apologizes to the patrons who ordered a drink (although we hear she’s actually a great bartender at her social gatherings) and doesn’t mind giving a little extra to two small fans!

The new Capital One ‘Savor’ card will let you earn 4% back on dining or as the commercial states 4% to pay Swiftly (we see what you did there).


We also love the price of the items on the check, including the total! Swift even signed it with her album title ‘Lover.’ $13.13, $19.89, lover, cat face. We see you Swift.

After the restaurant, she spills a drink while shaking it at the bar. But no worries, you can earn 4% back when you “Shake It Off.”


Swift is next at a dinner where she collectively seems to sum up my life with whipping cream plopping on the counter. But hey, you get 4% extra so it’s all good.


Card members also have the chance to purchase an exclusive Lover album bundle with a t-shirt only available to members of the ‘savor’ card.

Get the bundle here

The best part of the commercial? Swift, being well, herself.


It’s nice to know, some things never change.


Watch the commercial below!

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