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Sugarland + Taylor Swift’s Music Video For “Babe” Drops Saturday – See The Trailer!

WOW! Are we ever readTAY for the “Babe” music video after the preview that premiered during the CMT Music Awards Wednesday night! The video drops Saturday and it is going to be amazing. Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles plays the woman who got cheated on by Taylor Swift‘s character! Which is ironic since Swift is the one who wrote the song about being the woman that Nettles plays. In the video, now Swift gets to act our the role of the woman who her then boyfriend cheated on her with. *Cough Jake.*

In the video we can see Swift with Red hair. Is she perhaps hinting that she was cheated on by a red hair woman, or is she paying homage to the fact it was supposed to be on the album Red? With Swift’s attention to deal, we have to assume the action was deliberate, but it’s much more fun to just enjoy the video than to speculate on all the unknown!

We do know Swift wrote the treatment (aka she came up with the concept/storyline of the video). Sugarland told ET online:

“It’s your favorite summer movie you haven’t seen yet. It’s red-headed Taylor. Which I think is… it could be a giveaway if you’re a Mad Men fan, but maybe not.”

“It’s cinematic,” Nettles agreed, adding that Swift actually wrote the treatment for the video and helped shape the look. “It’s a period piece, if you will.”

Watch the trailer below, the full video drops Saturday!

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