Interview: Lena Stone is The Best Lena She Can Be in “Can’t Think Straight” Music Video

Meet rising singer-songwriter Lena Stone, who is a Carlisle, MA native. Stone moved to Nashville at the age of 18 to pursue her passion for music. A few short years later and Stone is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry as both an artist and a songwriter.  Stone’s accolades include being a co-writer on Kalie Shorr‘s “Fight Like A Girl” and she is one of the founding members of Song Suffragettes (A weekly writer’s round held in Nashville, Tennessee featuring female country artists). 

Stone has been paving a pathway to success with her infectious pop-country sound and beaming personality. She is an avid songwriter and has penned over 500 songs in the last few years, crafting and defining her own artistry. Stone just released her second single, “Can’t Think Straight,” along with a music video that was filmed live on Nashville’s Music Row. We had the opportunity to talk with her about her new single and what’s ahead as she gets ready to release her EP!

Stone wanted “Can’t Think Straight” to have a summery feel to it, a song one can listen to with the windows rolled down and that is exactly what she delivered. It sparks the emotions that lost love elicits and the longing that comes after a breakup.

Am I still the one you’re thinking of, when you can’t think straight / Baby, do you go scrolling through your phone / looking for my name / When it’s 1 AM and you’re wondering why you’re still awake / Am I still the one you’re thinking of when you can’t think straight?

The song features a melancholy guitar and rainstick throughout the track which highlights the emotions of the lyrics. Stone is able to create imagery with her strong vocals and effortless sound, blending a mix of country and pop. “Can’t Think Straight” has all the potential a song needs to make a breakout artist. Stone is constantly working on new ways to reach fans and is gearing up to release her debut EP, due out later this year!

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Read Our Interview with Lena Stone

Variety Beat: You have had success as a co-writer on Kalie Shorr’s “Fight Like A Girl,” what has that been like and did you think something like that would happen?

Stone: All the success that we’ve had with “Fight Like A Girl” has been so amazing and so unexpected! Kalie, Hailey (Steele) and I wrote that song on a day when we were all feeling really down about being women in the music industry, and so we wanted to write something to empower ourselves. But the stories that we’ve heard from cancer survivors, women struggling with infertility, and all kinds of obstacles have made the song take on this amazing meaning that’s so much bigger than we originally dreamed possible!

Variety Beat: You have been a part of “Song Suffragettes” for a few years now, how has that entire journey been and how has it helped you as an artist?

Stone: Song Suffragettes is a really important part of my story in Nashville so far. It’s been a place to meet friends and co-writers, a stage to play for new audiences and test out new songs, and a community of women to lean on in this crazy industry.

Variety Beat: Inspiration for songs can come from a variety of experiences and places, is there a place that you feel would inspire you to write more?

Stone: I’m really inspired to write and be creative in places that are cozy or homey; if a writing room is too plain or there isn’t a comfy couch to curl up on, I’ll definitely be less productive!

Variety Beat: How have your life experiences and influences shaped you as an artist? Is there a defining moment that made you decide to pursue music full-time?

Stone: I don’t really have an “aha” moment with music, I feel like I’m just that three-year-old who said she wanted to be a singer and just never grew out of it! My family and the music my parents listened to around the house when I was growing up had a huge influence on me and my music. They were (and still are) big fans of the singer/songwriters of the 1970s like James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and more, and that love of songwriting is at the heart of all the music I make today.

Variety Beat: Moving to Nashville at a young age can be a challenging and a life-changing experience, how have you overcome that challenge and what advice would you give to someone thinking about making the move?

Stone: Nashville is absolutely the place to be if you want to be a singer/songwriter, and especially if you want to be in Country Music! That being said, I think a lot of really talented people get discouraged when they get here because they haven’t quite realized what they’ve gotten themselves into and can get intimidated (it’s super easy with all the talent in this town!), so I would say make sure you’re really ready to get knocked down a bunch before you make the big move!

Variety Beat: What is the story and inspiration behind your song, “Can’t Think Straight?” What would you want someone to take away from the song?

Stone: With “Can’t Think Straight” I really wanted to write a song that felt like the summer when I was 18; that was the year I fell in love for the first time, had my heart-broken for the first time, left my hometown and my high school boyfriend behind and moved to Nashville. I spent a lot of nights missing him and wondering if he was thinking about me too, and that’s really the place where “Can’t Think Straight” came from. I really hope that anyone who hears the song will find some detail or lyric that reminds them of their first love and how magical that time can be, even if it’s over.

Variety Beat: You have been working on your debut EP, what has that whole process been like and what do you hope to say with it?

Stone: I am so excited about this EP because it will be my first time releasing a collection of songs at once instead of just singles. We just finalized the track listing and I’m so excited that the songs on this project cover all the stages of a relationship from the very beginning to the very end, all the moments and all the emotions.

Variety Beat: How would you describe your sound to someone who may not be familiar with your music?

Stone: That’s a hard one! I think my music lives in that space that’s a little bit pop and a little bit country. Some of my biggest influences are Sugarland, Sara Evans, James Taylor, Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles, and I’m always just trying to be the best Lena I can be.

Check Out the Video for “Can’t Think Straight” Below!

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