Maren Morris Releases New Song “Dear Hate” After Route 91 Harvest Tragedy.

Maren Morris was the power Woman of Route 91 Harvest Festival as she was the second to last performer on the main stage Saturday night. To put it in perspective, Both Friday and Sunday only had 1 female performer and neither performed on the main stage, they were also the opening act of the entire day on the smaller stage. Saturday saw the most female performers, with 4, two on the smaller stage and 2 on the main stage. Only male acts were chosen to close out all three evenings.


It’s no secret it’s been harder for female acts to break through in Country Music, but both Morris and Lauren Alaina who also took the main stage proved they had just as right to that stage as any male!

Following the tragedy of the terrible shooting Sunday night at the festival, Marren released a previously unreleased song called “Dear Hate” which features Vince Gill.

Morris shared that she wrote this song three years ago and it never seemed like there would be a good time to put it out, but that she wanted to remind people of love and music during these dark times. Listen to the song below and view the photo gallery of her performing at the festival.

“Dear hate, I saw you on the news today…”


Help victims of the Las Vegas Concert Shooting by donating to Music City Cares: http://t.cfmt.org/MusicCityCares Written by: Maren Morris, Tom Douglas, David Hodges

Morris put on an electrifying performance that media was allowed to shoot from the soundbooth. That being said, the photo gallery below was the most up close shots we could get! Enjoy!

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