Interview With Drew Baldridge – Catch Him at Route 91!

Meet Drew Baldridge! You may have seen him on the road as he has been opening up for a number of artists and was recently a part of SiriusXM The Highway Finds Tour! The Highway is a great way to hear up and coming artists and new music that’s not currently in the top 40. Quite frankly, hearing the same songs every hour gets a little repetitive and it’s refreshing to hear some other great artists on the radio!

We got to speak with Baldridge while he was in town for CMA Fest and we spoke about his last single “Rebound” which has a different perspective than most of us are used to hearing coming from a male. It’s all about how the male doesn’t want to just be a rebound for this woman who just got out of a bad relationship and sticking up for himself. It’s just a very interesting perspective and makes Baldridge a little vulnerable which is what makes it great.

Baldridge is also performing at Route 91 Harvest this year on Friday, September 29 at 4:20 on the ‘Next From Nashville’ stage!

Watch our interview with Drew Baldridge!

We were also able to have some fun and ask some not so typical questions with Baldridge like “Would you delete a tweet if it didn’t get any favorites” and what would he name his boat if he had one! Watch below!


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