Exclusive Premiere: Kelsey Lamb Takes on Chris Young’s “Sober Saturday Night” – Watch!

Kelsey Lamb is paving her way as a Country singer/songwriter and finding her fit in Nashville, TN. Originally from Arkansas, Lamb is excited about the opportunities she will have in her new hometown.

“It’s already been such a great adventure and I look forward to where it will take me and what I will learn.”

Finally exploring this town. #ibelieveinnashville

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Lamb is gaining media attention and a social following with her cover videos such as The Wreckers “Leave The Pieces” and Sam Hunt‘s “Make You Miss Me.” Her latest cover is debuting right here on Variety Beat, Chris Young‘s “Sober Saturday Night.” Lamb teased a preview photo of the video on her socials!



Lamb told us about her making the video and who portrays the “ex” is in her video!

“Sober Saturday Night was a really intense video to make because I wanted to make sure that I really captured the meaning of the song and didn’t sway from the emotion that Chris Young portrayed throughout it.

It’s really funny because during the shoot I was asked if I had any photos with a guy to use in the video as my “ex” and the only one I had was a picture with my best friend’s little brother.. so he got a little cameo on the fridge!”

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.59.42 AM.png

Stay connected with Kelsey Lamb on her socials.


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