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Try and “Act Like You Don’t” Love Brooke Eden’s Debut EP “Welcome To The Weekend”

It has been a long time coming, but today we finally have Brooke Eden‘s debut EP, Welcome To The Weekend. Eden is a part of the CMT’s Next Women of Country and is well on her way to stardom. She has a dynamic and powerful voice that will instantly turn heads wherever she is performing.

Welcome To The Weekend is Eden’s first EP after signing with RED BOW Records. Eden co-penned all four songs on the EP while Jacob Durrett and Nick Brophy produced the project.

”Welcome To The Weekend” EP Review

The first track on the EP is titled, “Diamonds,” which sets the tone for the EP and is also the lead single. “Diamonds” gives us a glimpse into a time in Eden’s life when everything was so simple but so magical at the same time.

Shining like diamonds, dancing in the headlights / All the boys are watching us right now / Welcome to the weekend, everybody’s drinkin’ / Everybody’s here to throw it down


Eden co-wrote the song with Chris DeStefano and Brett James, two of Nashville’s most sought after songwriters. “Diamonds” shows off Eden’s vocal range and the ability to effortlessly blend pop into a country anthem. The lyrics stay true to Eden’s upbringing and is song that will resonate with many.

“Act Like You Don’t” (co-written by Cary Barlowe and Jesse Frasure)  is about missing your ex and him possibly missing you too, but needing him to act like he doesn’t. It can be hard to let go of a relationship that might not be the best for you, but it doesn’t make missing that person any easier.

So when you wanna have a late night drive-by / Drunk dial my phone ’round midnight / Say you miss me waking up by your side / Act like you don’t / Like you don’t 

“Act Like You Don’t” is certainly a song many will listen to after a break up, when they are still missing their ex, but know it’s for the best they are no longer together. “We’re better apart, we’re not what we need.” This is one of those upbeat and catchy songs that will surely have you singing along with the windows down and give you the strength to leave the past in the past.


“Silence Speaks” was co-written by Ingrid Andress and Will Weatherly and it is one of the most personal songs by Eden. “Silence Speaks” is a song about an ex of Eden’s who wanted to go on a “break,” but ended up with a new girlfriend a few days later.

Eden shares “’Silence Speaks” is a song I wrote to vent my emotions when I found out my ex had a new girlfriend.”

‘Cause I ain’t crazy / I’m a classy lady / And I ain’t wasting no more time on you / I bet you’re expecting / Some psycho ex girlfriend /  But I  don’t need words / Since silence speaks louder than / I hate you, I never want to see you again

The song is a play on the phrase “Silence speaks louder than words” and the lyrics are created from it. Eden shows that you do not always have to speak to get a clear message across. The track features a catchy melody with a strumming banjo to go along with, which creates a stomp your feet feeling to it. Eden vividly creates the image to the story with memorable lyrics and a soulful vocal performance that will leave you wanting more.

Rounding off the EP is the final track titled, “Sunday Mornin'” which was co-written by Justin Wilson. “Sunday Mornin'” has a punchy melody that is always a fan favorite at Eden’s shows. The song is about Eden not wanting to be just your Saturday night.

But boys like you don’t know girls like me / Girls like me / Ain’t just some pretty little thing, baby / Hey if I’m going to be your Saturday night / I’m going to be your Sunday mornin’

From one listen through it is clear to see why this is a fan favorite. It is an in your face attitude with guitars riffs that will have you up off your feet and dancing around. The lyrics show confidence that she’s more than just a fling and you have to give to get. Eden’s rock edge is in full force in this song and it is infused well with her pure country talent. “Sunday Mornin'” is the perfect “ending” to Eden’s weekend and will leave you wondering what happens during the week.

Overall, Welcome To The Weekend showcases almost every side of Eden and has something that everyone will love. With Eden’s raw raspiness to her voice, it is clear to see how she stands out on her own. Each song builds off one another and paints together what a “weekend” could be full of. Eden’s personality comes alive on each of the songs that will teach you a little about herself. Eden is one artist that you will NOT want to miss. Through Eden’s infectious personality and flare on stage, it is one live show that you will not want to miss. Eden is also working hard on her debut album that is scheduled to be released sometime in the following year.

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Brooke Eden – Welcome to the Weekend EP

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