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Country artist, Hayley Orrantia, has just released her latest single “Strong Sweet & Southern” written by Orrantia, Mark Bright and Kevin Kadish, who also produced the track. Orrantia is originally from Texas, where she began singing and writing music at the age of 13. Some of you may be familiar with Orrantia from ABC’s hit comedy, The Goldbergs or from The X Factor where Orrantia reached the Top 9 a part of the group, Lakoda Rayne in 2011.

Today, Orrantia has been starting to make a name for herself in the music industry. Not only did Orrantia play the role of Brooke Thawley in God’s Not Dead 2 but, her song “Silence You” is also played during the ending credits. Orrantia was also apart of CMA Music Festival this past summer where she played on the Music City Stage. There she dazzled the crowd with her charismatic personality and powerful vocal performance.

For the past few years, Orrantia has been going back and fourth to Nashville to continue writing new music. Orrantia has written with songwriters such as Corey Crowder and Mark Bright on her debut single “Love Sick” along with others. Orrantia also released a second song “Until Then” with a Spanish version to it as well titled “Hasta Verte.” All three songs benefit from incredible songwriting and raw emotion behind every verse.

These are songs that you will definitely want to check out and add to every playlist of yours.

Listen to the songs below!

Orrantia has just released her latest song titled “Strong Sweet & Southern” about boys who need to “step it up.” This latest song is a bit different than Orrantia’s previous releases sound wise, but it still has the same elements that made the other songs so great. The song has an almost jazz vibe to it, but still sounds like you would hear it playing out of a jukebox at a diner with you drinking sweet tea. The song focuses on what type of guy Orrantia is looking for:

‘Cause I like my man like I like my tea / Strong, Sweet & Southern / You better be good / And be good to me / ‘Cause I’m / Strong, Sweet & Southern

The song’s lyrics has many analogies on the bases of how Orrantia grew up and the type of guy she expects to find. The guy needs to have the qualities, strong, sweet and southern, hence the title of the song. The song also uses many analogies to fully covey the message of the song. Orrantia does this well with quick comparisons like life growing up in Texas with the line:

Cooler than Grandma’s lemonade / Hotter than Texas pete

Overall, Orrantia does a great job in painting the picture of the song. The song has a catchy chorus that you will be humming along to throughout the day. You could also play it for that one guy who just is not getting it. “Strong, Sweet & Southern” will be a song that you will be playing nonstop. Be sure to keep up with Orrantia and be on the lookout for future releases, she is one artist that you do NOT want to miss.

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Strong, Sweet & Southern – Single by Hayley Orrantia

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