‘Songland’ Judge Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic Switches Roles for Season Finale

On this week’s episode of Songland, OneRepublic visit in hopes of scoring their next hit. They meet four undiscovered songwriters: JT Roach, Madi, Tyler James Bellinger, and Brigetta.

First, JT Roach pitches his song, “Somebody To Love.” OneRepublic and producers, Ester Dean, Shane McAnally, and Jason Evigan (who’s filling in for Ryan Tedder since he’s part of OneRepublic) say that the song is powerful. Ryan also says he feels like he can sing it back after one listen. Their only feedback is to take out some of the more repetitive lyrics.

Second is Madi with her song, “Darkest Days.” OneRepublic and the producers love the melody. However, they feel that the song should sound sadder and needs to be more elevated.

Next, Tyler James Bellinger shares his song, “Giving You Up.” OneRepublic and the producers praise his performance. They like the song but suggest lowering the range to make it resonate better.

Finally, Brigetta closes out the first round with her song, “Be Somebody.” OneRepublic and the producers say that the shape of the song is there, but it needs some lyrical changes.

Having heard all four songs, the group must decide who will advance to the studio round. They select JT, Brigetta, and Madi.

During the studio round, Brigetta teams up with Jason, Madi teams up with Ester, and JT teams up with Shane to refine their songs.

Madi kicks off the performance round with “Darkest Days.” OneRepublic and the producers say that she did a great job with her changes. Ryan also says he feels like he could’ve written the chorus, which makes the song attractive to him.

Next, JT performs “Somebody To Love.” OneRepublic and the producers feel that the song is relatable. Ryan also notes that the song’s melody will work perfectly for his vocal range.

Last, Brigetta shares her new version of “Be Somebody.” OneRepublic and the producers praise the song’s lyric changes.

With the performance round over, the group now has to decide which song they will cut. They pick JT’s “Somebody to Love.” The song is available now and OneRepublic has also performed it live!

OneRepublic’s episode helped conclude season one of Songland. After the episode aired, news broke that the show has been renewed for season two.

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