Taylor Swift Just Released Track 5 – Watch “The Archer” Lyric Video!

Taylor Swift held a live stream where she spoke about Track 5 off her album Lover.

“Track 5 is really a tradition that started with you guys. I didn’t realize I did this, but I don’t know why, but I guess instinctively I was putting a really emotional, vulnerable song as Track 5. Because you noticed this…. I started to put the songs that were really emotional and vulnerable and honest as track 5.”

She spoke about working with Jack Antonoff which is track 5 off Lover called “The Archer” which is out right now!!! It’s not the next single, but it is just coming out before the album. She wanted fans to give a chance to preview another side of the album.

Check out the lyric video below!

New merch is also available! Including the shirt and necklace she wore!

Watch the livestream below!

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