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Taylor Swift Finally Reveals Who ‘Patrick’ Is, on New Junior Jewels Shirt!

Was anyone else seriously confused when Taylor Swift‘s new and approved Junior Jewels shirt in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video featured the name, Patrick? Because same. Although we tried to make sense of it, we just couldn’t’ logically find a Patrick that she was close enough to that she would write his name on her shirt!


Well the mystery has finally been solved when Swift showed up to a fan’s house in the UK today with Patrick himself! Patrick Alwyn that is! That’s right, the younger brother of Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Can we just take a moment to process this? Swift wrote her boyfriend’s brother’s name on her shirt and took him to a fan’s house…. without him! Clearly, Swift is close with the whole family! It’s so great and also feels like she wants to let everyone know how much he really means to her, without giving the media what they want, couple photos!

Taylor Swift Showed Up At A Fan’s House With Joe Alwyn’s Brother and it’s Kind of Adorable!

Ok, but seriously Joe and Patrick look so much alike! It’s kind of crazy! How adorable is it that she can take Joe’s little brother out to hang out? So many “awwws.”


Taylor Swift Showed Up At A Fan’s House With Joe Alwyn’s Brother and it’s Kind of Adorable!

When 1989 was about to burst onto the scene, Taylor Swift was hosting 1989 Secret Sessions in very cities, where she would invite 89 fans over and let them listen to the unreleased album in its entirety. It seems so long since the constant posts and stalking of fans. Swift even played the role of Secret Santa and Cupid, sending fans large boxes filled with many gifts she handpicked out for each of the fans she sent them too. Yes, she even showed up to a fan’s house to hand deliver gifts as well!


Since the news of Swift’s sixth studio album Reputation, fans have wondered what they would see from the singer/songwriter this time around. Swift has been very quiet on social media, erasing all formers posts and traces of her former self. She has not been promoting her new album or doing interviews but letting the music speak for itself.

Swift has, however, still been active on social media in the form of liking posts on Tumblr and more recently, joining fans Instagram lives and having conversations over Instagram direct messaging.

Lara, who lives in the UK was certainly surprised to find the superstar herself show up at her home and she did not come alone, she brought Patrick Alwyn with her! Patrick is the younger brother of actor Joe Alwyn who has been dating Swift for about a year now. What a great surprise that was! Check out the videos and photos of the visit below!


Swift even asks Lara how she knows all the other Swifties in the “Tays Brits” group and she said they all met online because of her. Well if that just doesn’t describe every Swiftie’s best friend! Watch videos of Taylor Swift visiting Lara below!

Lara and Taylor talking about us – max

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We can’t wait to see what else Swift has up her sleeve! She also announced that she is releasing an app later this year!!

Taylor Swift is Launching Her Own App ‘The Swift Life’ to Connect With Her Fans!