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Taylor Swift Is Spilling Details About The Reputation Stadium Tour!

The countdown is on! With 13 days to go until the Reputation Stadium TourTaylor Swift has decided to share some facts about the tour! She shared a behind the scenes photo to Instagram and also uploaded a video to her story!

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13 days til Reputation Stadium Tour 💋

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So what is the first tidbit she is sharing?! The fact that she will be playing about 10 different songs from her albums before Reputation on the tour!! She said she will be releasing a fact a day until tour starts! We imagine there will mostly be songs from the 1989 era, but hoping for some good classics as well!

“Love Story” has been there every tour and “You Belong With Me” usually makes a come back at some point. Now we definitely don’t think that 10 songs will be in every show since typically she plays around 15-17 songs every concert…. unless of course she is going really big and playing 20+ songs! There are 15 new songs on the new album, and usually, not every song makes the cut, so what do you think she will leave off the main set list?

Swift usually has a smaller stage where she plays some acoustic songs, so it will be interesting to see if she continues that tradition. Whatever songs don’t make it to the main set, will definitely be played at some point on tour if there is an acoustic section.

Either way, we will be there opening night so we will keep you updated on every day until then about what we learn! Watch the video below to see the announcement!

Update #2 – There will be 3 stages on tour so she can be as close to us as possible!

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12 days til Reputation Stadium Tour!!!

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Update #3 – The backstage party is called the REP ROOM!!

Update #4 – The two stages out in the audience are as big as the 1989 Tour stage! There are also panels they walk on that are screens so from the high seats, it’s going to look really amazing!

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Daily run-throughs because it’s 10 DAYS AWAY.

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Update #5 The opening number is going to kill us!

Update #6 there are two piano songs! New Years Day probably! What else do you think she will perform? She said one is from Rep and the other is older!

Update #7 New Tour Merch is here!

Update #8

Taylor has underground tunnels to get her to different stages!

Update #9 – There are about 8 costume changes!

Update #10 – There are bloopers that play at the end of the concert!

Update #11- The confetti is tiny Taylor Swift newspapers!

Update 12- The tour microphones!! Which one is your favorite?

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