Taylor Swift And Friends Dance The Night Away In Las Vegas!

We love to see a good girl’s night out!! Taylor Swift and Brit Maack spent time together in LA before flying to Las Vegas to watch Calvin Harris perform at Omnia!

It looked quite a fun night as they were joined by more friends and Swift’s brother- Austin.

See the photos below!




These Photos of Taylor Swift At The Children’s Hospital With Touch Your Heart

On Friday, March 18, Ryan Seacrest celebrated his 10th Seacrest Studios opening in Nashville, Tennessee with the help of pop superstar, Taylor Swift.

Seacrest gave Swift a warm welcome, explaining how she wanted to be a part of the opening in Nashville.


I have somebody very special that I want to introduce to you. When she found out that we were doing this here in her hometown she said, ‘How can I be a part of it? I would love to come see the kids.’ Perhaps you’ll recognize my friend, ladies and gentleman – Taylor Swift.

Swift gave a touching speech and they cut the ribbon with the help of some of the patients!


See the full article and video of Swift’s speech herehttp://bit.ly/SwiftSeacrestStudio 

Take a look at the photos:

Exclusive Interview: Aaron Parker On His Latest Single And The Music Industry

Recently I had the chance to speak with Country Artist, Aaron Parker. In November 2015, I was able to exclusively premiere his song “Left In A Bottle.” You can check out that interview and song here. I also included Parker on my ‘10 Country Music Artists Who Can Change Radio in 2016‘ list.

Since we last spoke, Parker has a single out called “I’d Go Right Now.” In part 1 of our interview he talks about the writing process of the song and his inspiration for the song.

“It’s really about a simpler time in your life, that you don’t know that you don’t really have a lot of cares. You think that you have a lot of cares…. but it’s not big at all.”

He went on to say how most cares were just about your test on Friday, which let’s be honest, back in our school days, that is stressful! Now, being older and having to worry about grown up bills etc, he has a new take on life.


One of the things I have stated before about Parker is his unique voice and take on Country Music. I am so thankful that in part 2 of our interview I was able to get his thoughts on being a Male in Country Music and getting music played on Country Radio. There has been a lack of more female artists on Country Radio and Parker agrees that it is easier to be a male in the Country Music business. He also thinks times are changing and some of the current artists are paving the way for change.


ACM Party For A Cause: Set Times Announced For 3 Day Lineup!

Just a couple more weeks until we are in Las Vegas for ACM Party For A Cause! If you’re like us, then you have been anxious to plan your day and see when your favorite artists are performing. The set times were just announced and you can even download the ACM Awards app and add each artist to your schedule!


Stay tuned for more info coming soon. Did I hear something about Meet And Greets?!

Taylor Swift Gets A Hug From Her Mom’s Dog – Watch

Taylor Swift is back from her vacation with boyfriend Calvin harris and is spending some quality time with her mom. She stated in a recent interview that she calls her mom 3x a day when they are a part. I bet the time away while on vacation was hard, but alas they have been reunited.

Swift posted a video with the caption

“Thank You

Thanks for

The hug”

If you look closely you can even see some quality childhood photos of Taylor and her brother Austin.

Swift shared another video of the dog while she was trying to get Swift’s whipped cream.

“My mom’s dog is named Kitty.
And yet, she is nothing like a cat.”


“It’s mine. It’s already in my mouth.”


It’s not the first time Swift posted a photo of her mom’s rather large dog who clearly thinks she’s lap sized.

Kitty even went to the 1989 Tour for Halloween as Andrea Swift dressed as Cruella de Vil. #DogGoals

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