Sarah Harralson Gives Listeners Insight to Single “Put a Rock on This Rolling Stone”

Nashville country artist, Sarah Harralson, recently released her new single, “Put a Rock on This Rolling Stone” under Busy at Play Publishing, which is her newest release since her collaborative album ‘West of Me’ in May 2019. This is her first released track since signing with producer Johnny Garcia (Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood), and it brings her music to a whole new level.

“Put a Rock on This Rolling Stone” means pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Harralson states, “The song is about someone who is a free spirit and an independent person, but at some point they want to settle down once they find the right person. I relate to this a lot, and I think a lot of others do too.” This East Tennessean native has influences of The Dixie Chicks, Jewel, and Alanis Morissette, which you can hear in her music.

Although the song was finished in mid-March, Harralson was unsure of when to put the song out into the world in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. “At the time, a lot of artists were postponing their tours and music releases, so I decided the beginning of summer would be the best time to release the single. After all, people want happy, feel-good songs in the summer. I had no idea it ended up being the perfect time to release it. Things were opening up again, and with all of the shotgun courthouse & zoom weddings due to canceled wedding ceremonies, it ended up being the perfect song for people to add to their wedding playlists. Because at the end of the day, people are just ready to put a rock on it instead of waiting!”

A couple days after the song was released, Harralson gave us another surprise with the music video for “Put a Rock on This Rolling Stone”. She says, “Another challenge was figuring out the music video concept. I originally wanted to have a party scene in the video with some people, but I knew it would be safer at the time to only have myself in the video. I like that we went with this concept instead because it promotes social distancing, but it also made sense to have just myself in the video since a rolling stone usually is alone when they’re moving from one place to the next.”

We asked her if she still considers herself to be a rolling stone: “I think I will always have a free spirit in me, but at the end of the day, I do want to settle down and have that true love, which I really feel like I have found.  I think all gypsy souls feel like they will never find the one until it just comes to them one day. I will always advocate love because there is truly nothing better, and if you are unsure if you will ever find it, don’t look so hard for it, just be patient.”

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About Sarah Harralson:

This Knoxville native began writing songs when she was ten years old, her grandfather, a bluegrass musician, being her biggest musical influence. After her grandfather passed in 2011, Sarah decided she would move to Nashville two years later to pursue music at Belmont University. A year after releasing her debut EP in 2014, she was discovered by Scotty Schultz, drummer of Shooter Jennings (Waylon Jennings’s son). Scotty opened up his publishing company, Raindrop Music LLC, in 2015 and after hearing Sarah’s original song “Watered Down Whiskey”, he knew he wanted to sign her right away. This would be Sarah’s first publishing deal. Scotty decided he would produce her first country EP, Watered Down Whiskey, of all original songs that Sarah has either written or co-written.

One of the tracks on the EP includes the song, “Radio Static” that was co-written with Johnny Garcia (lead guitar for Garth Brooks). Over time, Sarah began writing and working with Johnny, which evolved to the point where Sarah would sign her next publishing and artist development deal with Busy at Play Publishing (Johnny Garcia’s company). She is currently recording her next record with Johnny and you can expect to hear her new singles soon. Besides performing, Sarah also produces music herself and decided to release a collaborative album with co-writer Christine Bauer in early 2019 that she self-produced. She also plays at hospitals once a month for Musicians On Call. Sarah hopes that her music will help people in some way across the world. She is a big believer that music heals.

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