Kelleigh Bannen Announces Long-Awaited​ Album – ‘Favorite Colors’

The day we at Variety Beat have been waiting for has finally arrived, Nashville native Kelleigh Bannen is finally releasing her debut Country Album Favorite Colors. The news came on the release of her second song off the album called “Faith In You.”

The album has 14 tracks, all of which were co-written by Bannen. Three of the songs make look familiar as they were on her latest EP release John Who.

There are multiple album packages available for pre-order which all contain signed album copies! There is even a signed vinyl available! We definitely ordered the largest package and can’t wait to be sporting these tees!

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See the album announcement form Bannen!


“Damn, I Still Love You” (Kelleigh Bannen, Will Bowen and Scott Stepakoff)
“Deluxe” (Kelleigh Bannen and Danielle Blakey)
“Boys Don’t Cry” (Kelleigh Bannen, Todd Clark and Jason Saenz)
“Diamonds” (Kelleigh Bannen and Scott Stepakoff)
“Your Favorite Colors” (Kelleigh Bannen and Will Bowen)*
“The Joneses” (Kelleigh Bannen, Todd Clark and Travis Wood)**
“Suit” (Kelleigh Bannen, Claire Douglas and Dallas Wilson)
“Faith In You” (Kelleigh Bannen, Todd Clark and Sean Van Vleet)
“Sleeping Alone” (Kelleigh Bannen and Will Bowen)*
“John Who” (Kelleigh Bannen, Will Bowen and Christopher Rafetto)
“Haters” (Kelleigh Bannen, Jennifer Hanson and Jason Lehning)
“Time Machine” (Kelleigh Bannen and Mark Trussell)
“Happy Birthday” (Kelleigh Bannen, Claire Douglas and Dallas Wilson)
“Long Shadow” (Kelleigh Bannen, Will Bowen and Tia Sillers)*
Produced by Jaren Johnston
*Produced by Will Bowen
**Produced by Todd Clark
See the press release below!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 19th, 2019) – Multi-faceted Podcast Host and Singer/Songwriter Kelleigh Bannen is announcing the release of her new album Favorite Colors, due out on Oct. 11th. Favorite Colors is being released independently, and is loaded with the type of wit, playfulness and fierceness that Bannen is known for. She co-wrote all of the 14 tracks, crafting songs that are truthful and force the listener to read between the lines. CMT premiered the music video for Bannen’s swaggering retro-rock anthem and lead single “Deluxe,” a song that sets the tone and highlights Bannen’s bold aesthetic, and was named in Rolling Stone’s the 10 Best Songs To Hear Now and The Boot’s Songs You Have to Hear. Listen to “Faith In You,” here:

Kelleigh’s tell it like it is approach in her songwriting and her unapologetic style, has garnered a groundswell of support from fans and industry insiders and press including NPR who named her as one of “25 music-makers adopting varied approaches at varied stages of their careers…offering a …revealing portrait of how country adjusted in 2018– and, for that matter, how it might look going forward.” CMT called her an artist that, “…has never compromised the integrity of her sound or her point of view as a storyteller” and Taste Of Country added, “Bannen is an artist who is always equipped with a determined story to tell.”

Kelleigh has tenaciously continued to build her career with the release of her critically-acclaimed EP The Joneses, the launch of podcast This Nashville Life and by embracing the artistic freedom that comes along with being an independent artist. Proving successful early on, Bannen debuted the three tracks from her The Joneses EP on Sirius XM’s The Highway, making history as the first artist to ever debut three tracks at Sirius XM simultaneously. Program Director J.R. Schumann added, “Going through Kelleigh’s new music, it became clear almost immediately that picking a ‘first single’ was going to be really tough…so we decided since all of the music is this great, why not just go with all three…” 

Favorite Colors is the follow up to that successfully launched independent release, and includes the acclaimed trio of songs from the project along with the pair of tracks “Deluxe” and “Faith In You,” which were recently revealed. Favorite Colors is a collection of songs that share a variant palette of emotional shades, specifically when it comes to love – a reflective, mature and well oiled perspective. Offering up a soft sentiment and vulnerability, “Favorite Colors” shares in the nuances of mourning the loss of a relationship. “Time Machine” revels in the nostalgia of memories and “Diamonds” is a powerful statement about the permanent impact of real love, cemented and written in stone. Produced by Jaren Johnston (The Cadillac Three), the album combines an analog approach mixed with a twist of modern country production. The dynamic, pop-rock driven soundscapes affect with fearless delivery, and one that is elevated by Kelleigh’s soulful-leaning, raw vocals and compelling storytelling. Favorite Colors features a roster of collaborators including songwriters Claire Douglas, Todd Clark and Will Bowen, with three tracks also produced by Bowen. The full tracklisting is included below.

The Music City native was named in NPR’s Portrait Of A Subtly Changing Nashville, as a woman who is “…figuring out how to circumnavigate roadblocks in the system…with all sorts of shrewd professional and artistic strategies.” The singer/songwriter and artist is also the host and producer of podcast This Nashville Life, which was featured by The Washington PostNPR’s On Point and on iTunes as ‘New & Noteworthy.’ This Nashville Life has quickly gained popularity and includes guest interviews, industry tips and insights from music business executives and creatives. Fans can tune into This Nashville Life and listen to the recently released Season 3 episodes and more by visiting For more information, visit

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